Monday, March 30, 2009

Octomom's Kids: All 14 of Them

7-year-old Elijah Makai Solomon (boy)
6-year-old Amerah Yasmeen Solomon (girl)
5-year-old Joshua Jacob Solomon (boy)
3-year-old Aiden Solomon (boy)
2-year-old Calyssa Arielle Solomon (girl, twin)
2-year-old Caleb Kai Solomon (boy, twin)
Newborn Noah Angel (boy, octuplet)
Newborn Maliyah Angel (girl, octuplet)
Newborn Isaiah Angel (boy, octuplet)
Newborn Nariyah Angel (girl, octuplet)
Newborn Makai Angel (boy, octuplet)
Newborn Josiah Angel (boy, octuplet)
Newborn Jeremiah Angel (boy, octuplet)
Newborn Jonah Angel (boy, octuplet)


  1. IDC what people say i think she is doing her best....

  2. How many of them have birth defects or special needs?

  3. she must love sex

  4. lmao people are so mean Nadya your doing your best i think!

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    1. actually she didnt have sex it was ivf and thats how she had the octuplets so yeah

  6. just because she has that many kids doesnt mean she loves sex. she done it with the help of invetro, which requires no sex.

  7. its so stupid that she got prego whe she already had 6 kids.and she was prolly tjold that u could have multiples with looks 2 me like she is usin the kids 2 make money

  8. who are we to say how many kids are too many for someone to have ? I think she i doing better and even though i dont like HER, I think her kids are nice kids .

  9. ps....stop talking so much Naydya !!!!!

  10. for all u dumn ass bitches and hoes out there that got something to say at Naydya do me a favorite kiss her ass yall bitch ass just made she got money n yall dnt so stop hatein on her n try to get like her yep!!!!!!!!!

  11. omg you guys need to learn how to spell..
    octomom.. i feel sory for her

    crystal from dallas

  12. And who's supporting those, and all of us that work

  13. Wow, even the people who say everyone else needs to learn to spell are making typos. Fantabulous, show your smarts, that's it!

  14. Do any of you even know the real reason she carried all her babies at the same time??? Apparently not! She couldn't afford to pay for the fertilized eggs to be stored in the lab. So she made the choice to have them all rather than be weak and have them be destroyed or donated. A real mom cares that much.

  15. "A real mom cares" She can't afford the storage fees so she thought "I'll just have 8 more kids!" Okay.....