Friday, January 29, 2010

Jerzy Boy Lyrics

Now it's your turn to learn the lyrics. Next time won't you sing along?

Jerzy Boy

From the "sades" down to Camden, all along 95
We'll be looking for some action till we find the perfect vibe
Throwin the dice at AC, sun rises at the shore
Once you take a bite of crazy, you'll be begging me for more

I'm a jersey Boy
I'm a jersey Boy
I'm a jersey Boy
I'm a jersey Boy

Swing up Hoboken, rip down Asbury Park
Every rules gonna be broken when you're swimmin with this shark
I'm champagne taste mixed with Jersey City Street
Gonna take you out dancing and knock you off your feet
I'm a Jersey
BoyI'm a jersey
BoyI'm a jersey
BoyI'm a jersey

BoyDon't look at me like I'm crazy, crazy
I just want you to have a good time
We'll play real hard then get lazy, lazy
Now is that such a crime?

I'm a Jersey Boy

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