Monday, July 20, 2009

Gayface Game

The following 4 men exhibit "gay face." Can you identify correctly which boys are gay, and which are straight? (HINT: At least one is straight.) The answers are coming later in the week.

Boy 1

Boy 2

Boy 3

Boy 4

BONUS: You are now an expert on identifying gay men by their gay faces. But can you tell a top from a bottom? (Is there such a thing as "topface?" "Bottomface?") Of the four gay men in this image, which two are tops, and which two are bottoms?


  1. OMG!!! This is a riot.

    Okay, Boy No. 1 is straight. The rest are gay.

    Tops - 2 and 3

    Bottoms - 1 and 4

  2. boy 3 and the top 2 are straight
    julian, im not so sure about...

  3. Only #2 is gay, #3 is a cutie ;)

    Brenda NY

  4. I know who Boy 3 is!!! I won't tell!

  5. 1 is straight, the rest are gay? Just guessing!

  6. 4 has to be gay. He just has that gay glow. That "hey I love men" look.

    Like he's just about to break into a chorus of YMCA

  7. looking at the faces 3 and 4 are straight 1 I think us as well I think 2 is gay, bonus question I think 2 and 3 are top and 1 and 4 are bottom faces

  8. Ok...
    1, 2, & 3 are all gay.
    4 is just goofy lookin.

    Bottom/Top face:
    1,2,3 are top... They look like serial rapists!
    4 is all but making out with the camera, unless the photographer was a woman, he likes to take it.

  9. Changed my mind. Boy 4 is straight. Just figured out who he is.

  10. I think it is #2 & #4 and then #3 of the four on the bottom

  11. super cutie 4 is the gay porn star Brent Corrigan...he is a nurtured homosexual...he wasn't born gay.