Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now that MJ is gone....

Who's the biggest celebrity icon alive? We say it's President Obama.


  1. There's a certain gentleman of German descent who owns an awesome collection of hats and presently lives in a suburb or Rome who may have a quibble with your assessment. When you look at the size of the crowds of Catholics and non-Catholics who come out to see the man on tour and who jam Vatican City for every public appearance he makes, not to mention the countless audiences with world leaders of every persuasion, it's hard to discount the massive star power of the Pope. Granted, this particular holder of the office doesn't seem to have near the charisma of his predecessor, I think it's fair to state that just about anyone whose election to office causes smoke to change colors is going to achieve enormous celebrity status purely by default.

    Although I am not a Catholic, I have always been fascinated with the Papacy and I trust there are millions of fellow non-Catholics who share that fascination. What other public figure can trace the lineage of his office all the way back to biblical times (subject, of course to a few debates and wars through the centuries)?

    President Obama has certainly electified our nation and lifted the hopes and spirits of millions of Americans. The office of the presidency is certainly a powerful one and still carries great heft on the worldwide stage, however he is still a private citizen elected by other private citizens in a democratic republic. The Pope, on the other hand, is elected by the most elite corps of a global religion's holiest men to take responsibility for carrying out the Divine word. Regardless of whether or not you believe in God or any other holy presence, there are millions of people across the entire planet from the most diverse of backgrounds who believe most steadfastly that this man has a direct linkage to God. That, in and of itself, is enough to make the Pope (the position, regardless of who fills it) a celebrity whose popularity base is pretty gosh darned big.

  2. Typo in sencond line. Should be "of Rome," not "or Rome."